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The Invention of the Orgone Generator® by Karl Hans Welz
was a Gigantic Step into the Future! As a Result of this History-Defining
Invention, Action at a Distance will never be the same again!

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Karl Hans WelzOrgone Generators® can help you to:
  Achieve Assured Success Faster and Easier
  Results that are More Effective and Far Reaching than ever before
  Just turn the dial and go!

Welcome Again!

In the following, we will explain to you the principles of this extremely fascinating new orgone technology, or technology of life force, which has become possible as a result of the invention of the Orgone Generator®.  With special attachments such as filter cards, symbols, the Manifestation Programs, and/or your individual set-ups for manifestation, the very range of the potential of your new skills is unlimited.   Among other things, the Orgone Generators® are uniquely designed for every type of action at a distance in general with the purpose of:

   Enhancement - Greatly improve and enhance your life !!!

   Trend Management - Powerful help towards positive permanent change !!!

   Instant Control - Take instant control of your life in areas of desired change and improvement !!!

   Peak Performance - Attain peak performance in work, studies, politics and, of course, in sports !!! - Build confidence and reach top level performance in many areas of your life !!!

   Balance and Relaxation - Experience stress relief, increase relaxation!

Yes! With the Orgone Generator® you can have now a new tool for your manifestation work that gives you the cutting edge on your path to a happy, meaningful, and fulfilled life in abundance!


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