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Orgone and Radionics

A radionics device is a method to establish equivalent structural links.   In fact, it compares to the ("magical") use of incenses, oils, mantras, specific objects and graphical symbols of any kind.  It is no coincidence that some people call the radionics device the "voodoo doll of the modern age."
Since its invention by Abrams in the early 1900's, radionics was used in the main for healing purposes.  This use of radionics, of course, was controversial just the same way as was the use of orgone energy for that purpose since Franz Anton Mesmer started with his barrels that were filled with iron filings, which radiated "animal magnetism," (called "personal magnetism" in our days) and his "magnetic passés" over the body ("magnetizing" or "mesmerizing" the body).

Later, researchers found out soon that the technology of radionics was useful for many purposes other than the rather controversial "healing," and that such use of radionics turned out to be quite effective.  A good example of such use was the famous "hieronymus machine", so called after its inventor, Dr. Galen Hieronymus, and Charles Cosimano's books added very much to making radionics more popular.

To me it was obvious right from the beginning that results of radionics operations were dependent on the amount of orgone energy used for the transfer, given the same strategies for success of the operation.  Consequently, the invention of the orgone generator® meant the threshhold to an era of more effective and more powerful radionics operations.  While to this point such operations werde dependent on life energy that was present in the surroundings of the radionics equipment or which, at best, was projected by the operator(s) of radionics devices, the orgone generator® guaranteed a massive and continuous supply of life energy, especially with the larger and more powerful devices.  Such massive supply of orgone energy guaranteed total success even in situation where the run-off-the-mill radionics device simply could not produce any inroads toward any results at all.

At first, back in 1993, I offered a simple radionics device besides the orgone generator to those who were interested in this combination of technologies.  Very soon this combination of the two technologies became so popular that I decided to build devices that combined both technologies in one: the first orgone radionics devices on the market, at first the RAD 2000, then the RAD 3000, then the RAD 2400 HD, and eventually the very powerful RAD 5 and ATGS 3000.

Finally, I wrote a radionics program, or manifestation program, which was the first non-diagnostic and non-healing-oriented radionics program on the market, the RI 2400 CD with its 5 positions plus an orgone transfer function that can be used to connect the program with a powerful orgone generator®. The positions of this program:  Basic action, main trend energy, trend energy in the environment, target, and alternate target. You find a description of these positions in the catalog. Later a sound output function was added to the program, which you can use to define the pulse of the orgone field surrounding the generator.

A further development was a super manifestation program with up to 22 positions, each of which positions you can name and define whichever way you wish, and the positions can be placed in whichever way you desire, and each position can be programmed with its individual sound function.  With this extraordinary new program, by now you are capable to emulate just about any radionics program on the market. If you think that this is the ultimate radionics program, I assure you that still more advanced programs are in preparation.

A Vampyre of orgone energy

This is a device that actually draws orgone energy off any defined point, also at a distance. I have used it extensively for significant research purposes. Like the DOR generator, this device is not available commercially.

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