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Combinations of Equipment / Kits

For Your Successful Practice Of Self-Help, Neuro-Cybernetic Programming™, General Trend Management, and Electronic Mind Control

Imagine ...

  ... A Life of Plenty with Assured Success
  That has Excitement in Store for You
With Scores of Breathtaking Opportunities ...

It's fun, it's easy, and you certainly can be laid 
back and relax while waiting for your success.

Self-Help to improve intuition, creativity, mental capability, energy, relaxation, balance, inner peace

Neuro-Cybernetic Programming (NCP) to change trends of your life path and for protection

Trend-Management and Trend-Creation to cause abundance, prosperity, and a suitable environment for all.

Electronic Mind Control for full control of the environment


Self Help can now be more effective and faster for you than ever before. With the invention of theChi Generator®, the use of Light-Sound Devices as mind machines have become a thing of the past ... obsolete! So did the more recent machines that shoot electric pulses through the earlobes into the brain! 

With your Chi Generator® you can now easily induce brain wave related states such as Alpha, Beta. Delta, and Theta and program yourself in these states the natural way! The LPOG 2400 and RAD 2400 series were designed specifically for that purpose!  Self Help works exceedingly well when you transfer life force that pulsates in ELF (Extreme Low Frequency or brain wave frequency) to yourself and enjoy its effects at any distance! The Chi Generator® in your home transfers energy to you wherever you are -- whether just a few blocks away or half around the globe. You have found proof of this exciting fact with the transfer test.

At the Turn of a Dial….

  Stress Management: Total Relaxation, Balance, and Inner Peace in Minutes 
  Mind Management: Speed Learning, Intelligence, Intuition, Creativity 
  Energy Management: Stamina, Energy,Discipline, Decisiveness, Persistence

Recommended Equipment for Self-Help:

1. The SHK 001 Self Help Kit #1
The JU 99 CE and RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program

The JU 99 CE
Junior 99 Chi Energizer™
or any other device of this series: the JU 99-10, TF 99 CE, SPP 99 CE or GPP 99 CE
orgone energy generator
The RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program for PC
orgone energy program

The influence of Light-Sound devices ends with the ear phones and goggles. This means that those machines work only as long as you have them on your head! Then your brain has to translate the light flashes, sound waves or electroshocks to adapt to the pulse of life energy. The Chi Generator® goes the direct route to your nervous system by sending to it pulsed life energy. With the added capability of transferring life energy at any distance, you can now get the beneficial effects of pulsating Chi energy continuously, no matter where you are! This includes all brain wave states: Alpha, Beta, Theta, and Delta. 

The kits for NCP have another feature that’s exciting: Attach the structural limk to a specific desired trend to it and you have a powerful machine that you can use to help change your habits and life itself!!! We call this process Neuro-Cybernetic Porgramming or, brief, NCP. With NCP you can now design programs for success in any one of your endeavors such as.... 

  Money- and Business Management: Money, Sales, Success, Security, Beat the Odds 
  Relationship Management: Marriage, Children, Love, Friendship, Charisma.
  Communications Management: Leadership, Convincing Speech, Power, Popularity

Recommended Equipment for NCP:

NCPK 002 -- Neuro-Cybernetic Programming™ Kit #2:
The LPOG 2400 DL and RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program

The LPOG 2400 DL - Low Pulse Orgone Generator® de Luxe orgone energy generator
The RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program for PC chi energy psionics program

NCPK 003 -- Neuro-Cybernetic Programming Kit #3
The RAD 2000 and RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program

The RAD 2000 - Power Radionics™ Device orgone radionics device
The RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program for PC chi energy psionics program
EXP 002 Expert Kit #2, Heavy Duty:

The RAD 2400 HD Radionics Device (Top of the Line), with the
RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program

The RAD 2400 HD - Heavy Duty Power Radionics™ Device chi energy generator
The RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program for PC chi machine radionics

HSCTI Equipment for electronic mind control has been designed to give you the ultimate edge in power and versatility. The Electronic Mind Control System (EMCS) can be the decisive factor in situations where you find it necessary to gain total control.

EMCS-X 3000 - Electronic Mind Control System #1
The RAD 5 Advanced Orgone Radionics™ System chi machine orgone generator
The RI 2400 CD Power Radionics® Program for PC cybershaman radionics program
EMCS-X 3000 PLUS - Electronic Mind Control System, Advanced Version
The ATGS 3000 Astro Trend Generating System chi energy generator
The RI 2400 CD Power Radionics™ Program for PC uspsionics program

The following applications of this extraordinary new technology are based on personal experiences of many proud owners of Welz Chi Generators, orgone radionics devices and power radionics programs.

Click below on the links of your choice for more information.  Naturally, there are infinite many more uses, many of which you certainly will find and explore.

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Suggested Equipment Combinations and their uses

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